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Plural Noun:  
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Quick Review

In case you have forgotten what adjectives, adverbs, nouns and verbs are, here is a quick review:

An ADJECTIVE describes something or somebody. Lumpy, soft, ugly, messy and short are adjectives.

An ADVERB tells how something is done. It modifies a verb and usually ends in "ly". Modestly, stupidly, greedily, and carefully are adverbs.

A NOUN is the name of a person, place or thing. Sidewalk, umbrella, bridle, bathtub, and nose are nouns.

A VERB is an action word. Run, pitch, jump and swim are verbs. Put the verbs in the past tense if the directions say PAST TENSE. Ran, pitched, jumped, and swam are verbs in the past tense.

When A PLACE is askef for, it means any sort of place: a country or city (Spain, Cleveland) or a room (bathroom, kitchen).

An EXCLAMATION or SILLY WORD is any sort of funny sound, gasp, grunt, or outcry, like Wow!, Ouch!, Whomp!, Ick!, and Gadzooks!

When asked for specific words, like a NUMBER, a COLOR, an ANIMAL, or a PART OF THE BODY, use a word that is one of those things, like seven, blue, horse, or head.

When asked for a PLURAL, it means more than one. For Example, cat pluralized is cats.

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