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    LuckDragon Enterprises, established in 1990 by Jeff Donchez, had a primary function of the writing of custom programs for BBS', which were popular in the late 80's and early 90's. The primary programming languages used were Pascal and Borland C++.

    Since that time, it has grown to writing custom programs for the Internet. We now primarily program in PHP and Perl. However, we are still the same customer oriented company that we were back then, realizing that without the customer, there is no company.

    We have also expanded into custom website design, with the use of our experience in graphic design, 3D design and HTML/JavaScript Programming. Some of our designs and programs can be seen on our portfolio.

    We also do some Flash programming and design, although it?s not our principal method, small projects have been done, such as a music player, which can also be seen on our portfolio.

    Some Information About The Founder:

    Jeff Donchez received his first computer (A Timex Synclair) in 1975, when he was 5 years old, and started learning to program when he was 7 (in BASIC on a Commodore 64). By the age of 9 he had released a small program for people who were running Bulletin Boards (BBS) on Commodores.

    By 13, he was programming not only in BASIC but also in Pascal and Borland C++.

    In 1988, and 5 or 6 additional programming languages later, Jeff joined the US Navy; there he went through the schooling needed to become a Data-Systems Technician.

    In 1990, after his 3-year enlistment, Jeff went into business for himself doing programming and computer repair in the Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton area of Pennsylvania.

    In 1993, Jeff partnered with 3 other people to open a computer store in Lehighton, PA called Computer Pals.

    In 1995, Jeff sold out to his partners to go his own way. After 2 or 3 simple jobs, including being a phone tech at a local ISP and doing some website design, Jeff moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where he headed up the ISP division of a travel company, and their programming team. Programming in 18 languages by this time, it was simple for Jeff to direct the different personnel in what they needed. During his time there, he taught himself Perl, MySQL and Flash's ActionScript Languages. In June 2001, the company closed the Internet Division due to the stock market crash caused by the dot-com companies.

    In October 2001, Jeff moved to Midland, TX where he took on a job as the Chief Technical Officer of an Internet Provider, during which time, Jeff taught himself PHP. In January 2002, The ISP closed its doors due to unforeseen financial problems, created by the CEO/Founder of the company. Since that time, Jeff has primarily concentrated on his programming and design work for people. He has also created alliances with some important partners, such as KaelinWeb where he can now offer hosting to people.

    In April 2002, Jeff moved to Windom, MN where he has been devoting his time exclusively to LuckDragon Enterprises and the clientele thereof.