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Mad Sorceress Meeting
A Meeting between a Mad Sorceress and a mystery woman

Alka Seltzer
This was originally done as a joke for my wife, but it came out so nice I decided to include it here

Marissa And The Path
For awhile I was rendering images based upon a story my wife was playing around with writing.. this is the first of that series of images

Trapped In Thorns
While I don't particularly feel that the thorns and vines themselves came out as well as I would have liked.. the lighting came out superb

Ampp Sites
This site was done entirely with 3D modelling and php/javascript backending flash for sound. It's a mock news cast done at the client's request. All speech is real people, all "people" are 3D characters, it's a 1 of a kind website. The intro to th...

Page 2 of 3 Pages: |< < 1 2 3 > >|