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One of my partner sites, I've designed the original design (seen here) as well as the current design (follow link), major modifications were made to the script to allow for the fields which were required for a search engine of this nature.

Home Biz Quiz Alternate Template
A New template designed for a program I created 4 years ago. Asks several multiple choice questions, and based upon your answers, calculates a total score, as well as the best marketing links based upon your desires. Script is PHP with a MySQL back ...

Kche Radio, Cherokee Ia
Simple site design for a small town country radio station.

Legendary Ventures
Site Design And Script written With self-replication in mind. Script has built-in auto-responder system as well as client tracking and opt-out capabilities.

Logon Admin New Design
Redesign of a site/script I did a few years ago allowing backend interfacing with several of the LogOn sites. Such as LogOn Software LogOn Tech and LogOn Search.

Page 4 of 6 Pages: |< < 1 2 3 4 5 6 > >|