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Logon Admin Original Design
Script designed to allow the administrators of the LogOn network to have a centralized area to maintain several of the sites at one time rather than having multiple administration panels located at various locations.

Logon Email Services
Site Designed With their existing backend script in mind. I don't believe they ever actually completed the interfacing after the design was delivered to them.

Logon Search
This simple site design (header/footer/css) is designed to work in conjunction with a 3rd party DMOZ search engine.

Logon Software
Custom Written Content Management System, with a custom designed database interface allowing a client to sign up for a store, have the store automatically created on a seperate server (through a custom written daemon). Additionally major modificat...

Logon Tech
As a nationwide INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER (ISP), LogOnPlanet has recognized the need of the computer user to find local technical help. The fact is, the vast majority of technical support calls to ISP's are not Internet related. Non-Internet re...

Page 5 of 6 Pages: |< < 1 2 3 4 5 6 > >|