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Millenium Electro-hydraulic Services, Inc
This website was basically "put-together" by me.. the client provided the design, logo and content, seperately.. my job was to make them functional. The company has (I believe) ceased to exist over the past few years.

Merlin's Place
This site was designed primarily with Poser & Photoshop. it was designed to work like a video game, where the people and objects were all clickable and either told a story, or had a popup flag that said something. you could then follow a hallway to...

The Module Factory
A New Website I am working on. It will specialize in modules for various CMS systems (i.e. PHP Nuke, Post-Nuke, Xoops, PHPwebsite, etc...) some of those modules will be free.. some will cost, and there will also be an option to have one custom writ...

Southwest Wireless Net
This was a proposed design to my wireless provider (at the time), to replace their existing site (which was alot worse than what it is now). As you can tell by the existing design, it was not accepted as they wanted all site design stuff to be done ...

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